Fat Transfer to the Buttocks - Buttocks Augmentation

Buttocks augmentation with fat harvested by liposuction is a safe and effective way to enhance the natural contours of the buttocks. Because the buttocks contours are often obscured by fat accumulation in surrounding areas, combining a buttocks augmentation procedure with liposuction can maximize the effect of the augmentation while simultaneously improving the shape of the buttocks.

The transfer of liposuctioned fat to the buttocks proceeds in three stages. First, fat is harvested from donor areas, which typically include one or two of the following: abdomen, waist, outer thighs, and inner thighs. Next, the fat is centrifuged to isolate the fat and concentrate the stem cells that are found in fatty tissue. Finally, the fat is injected into the muscles of the buttocks using special injection cannulas. Liposuction of the donor areas is performed if desired after the fat transfer is complete.

Fat that is used for transplantation must be harvested in a careful manner using sterile technique and gentle cannulas. Because of the gentle treatment of the fat, not all of the fat in the donor area is available for use. Complete liposuction of the donor area typically requires higher suction levels and a more aggressive style of cannula. It is also important to avoid any pre-treatment of the area with ultrasound or laser energy. Thus, it is contraindicated to use fat that has been removed with SmartLipo, Vaser, AquaLipo, or any other technologies that harm fat cells.

Florida cosmetic surgeon Andrés Bonelli, M.D., a Tampa Bay liposuction surgery expert, offers procedures for body contouring purposes. Specializing in Tumescent Liposuction with the use of microcannulas at his Palm Harbor practice, as well as offering injectables to patients throughout the Tampa Bay area, our cosmetic surgeon in Florida encourages visitors to view the liposuction photos on this Web site. Other procedures by Tampa Bay and Palm Harbor, Florida cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bonelli include mesotherapy, sclerotherapy, Botox, and Restylane. Call Dr. Andrés Bonelli to schedule a free consultation at his Palm Harbor cosmetic surgery practice.

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